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November 20, 2023

Scaffolding, also known as staging, is a temporary structure designed to support a construction or repair crew in performing their duties. Given the surge in construction activity in Georgia, scaffolding has become a common cause of injuries due to defects, improper installation, and other hazardous issues.

Staying up-to-date and aware of scaffolding safety laws is crucial to protect yourself and your community. While employers and private contractors are responsible for the safety of those on the construction site, someone’s negligence may result in severe injuries that you may recover compensation from. Speak with a Hasner Law lawyer about your situation and accident claim.

Georgia Requirements for Scaffolding and Staging Design

Federal and state regulations exist to establish a reasonable level of safety for construction workers and bystanders at construction sites. In Georgia, a dedicated construction safety statute pertains to scaffolding. According to GA Code § 25-15-110, a structure that is either suspended or stationary and exceeds a height of 30 feet above the ground must adhere to the subsequent safety stipulations:

  • The scaffolding must have a properly attached safety rail, employing methods such as bolting and bracing to ensure stability
  • The safety rail must have a minimum height of 34 inches above the primary section of the scaffolding
  • The safety rail must span the entire length of the scaffolding
  • Any openings present in the rail must be restricted solely to what is essential for the conveyance of materials and equipment

Construction firms and contractors found in violation of Georgia’s scaffolding safety law could encounter significant penalties. These consequences encompass the possibility of fines, assuming liability for accidents, receiving a work-stoppage directive for the construction site, and potentially even facing a misdemeanor criminal penalty for willful violations.

What Types of Damages Might You Recover in a Scaffolding Accident Claim?

Navigating the consequences of a scaffolding accident can be complex, particularly when it impacts your capacity to work and earn a living. It’s important to acknowledge the concerns some may have about pursuing legal action; however, ensuring you receive the appropriate compensation you’re entitled to is a justified and important step. In Georgia, if the scaffolding accident occurs within the scope of employment, workers’ compensation is typically the sole remedy for the injured employee, which precludes direct claims against the employer for negligence.

Under Georgia’s workers’ compensation system, the scope of recoverable benefits for a scaffolding accident is specific and does not include damages such as pain and suffering. Here are the types of benefits that you may be entitled to:

  • Medical benefits to cover healthcare expenses
  • Income benefits to compensate for lost wages
  • Permanent partial disability benefits, if applicable
  • Death benefits for surviving family members in the case of a fatal accident

Our team at Hasner Law understands the intricacies of Georgia’s workers’ compensation laws and is prepared to support you through the process. We encourage individuals affected by scaffolding accidents to consult with us promptly. Initiating an early discussion allows us to begin a thorough investigation and advise you on the most effective strategy tailored to your unique situation.

Speak With a Professional Scaffolding Accident Attorney at Hasner Law Today

The repercussions of a scaffolding accident claim can significantly impact your life and future. Our Hasner Law team understands the significance of securing justice and compensation for your accident, and we are committed to employing every possible effort to recover the most favorable outcome for your claim.

Drawing from a collective experience spanning over eight decades, Hasner Law advocates for Georgia residents. We meticulously assess and investigate your circumstances, crafting individualized strategies that cater to the specific requirements of your case. Throughout the legal and medical processes, our team remains steadfastly by your side, ensuring you have the necessary support and resources for a seamless claims process. Schedule a free consultation at (678) 928-8784 or fill out our contact form.

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