Car accidents in the Savannah area may take place more often than you think—15,806 in 2016, up from 12,393 three years earlier. Injuries have increased during that same time as well, from 2,761 to 3,760.

In the aftermath of such a car accident, identifying the person with liability for damages requires finding fault. The driver who caused an accident may face significant penalties, including fines, tickets, or suspension of driving privileges. The at-fault driver may also have significant financial liability for the damages the accident caused, from property damage and medical expenses to lost wages and “pain and suffering.” Below, we discuss some ways in which lawyers (with their clients’ help) may prove the fault of the other driver in a car accident.

The Accident Report

In many cases, police and other first responders at the accident scene will file reports that clearly assign fault for the accident. Often, police officers can tell what occurred in the accident simply by looking at the two cars, interviewing the drivers, and examining the scene. For example, in a rear-end collision, it’s usually fairly obvious which car struck the other. In more complicated accidents, police may rely on witness testimony and other evidence to determine who was responsible. The accident report can often help establish fault and make it easier to get the compensation you need for your accident.

Collecting Evidence

Sometimes, the accident report may not completely or accurately assign fault for an accident. In that case, your lawyer may need to collect evidence to help establish fault and prove that the other driver hit your car, and not the other way around. This may include:

  • Collecting video from cameras in the area. Traffic cameras and security cameras from local businesses can both help prove how an accident happened. Lawyers who need to access security footage often try to contact businesses around the scene of the accident as quickly as possible to make sure the businesses preserve the recordings.
  • Using witness testimony. Were there other people at the scene of the accident who clearly saw what happened? You may be able to help your lawyer by collecting contact information for witnesses at the scene of the accident to ensure that your lawyer can contact them later if there are any questions about fault in the accident.
  • Analyzing accident scene photos. In some cases, photos of the two vehicles may help establish what occurred in the accident, especially when paired with witness testimony. You may help your lawyer if, while still at the scene of the accident, you take some images or videos of the scene and the condition of the vehicles involved.
  • Preserving recollections in writing. What seems crystal clear moments after the accident may fade from memory faster than you realize. With a lawyer’s help and guidance, make sure you write down your version events as soon as possible so that you can refer back to it later.

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