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March 12, 2024

Factory accidents can stem from multiple sources, such as unguarded or malfunctioning machinery, inadequate training, and exposure to hazardous substances. The liability in such cases can be multifaceted. If a third party is responsible for injuries, then you may seek a legal claim for damages. However, you do not have to prove liability in a workers’ compensation claim. In such cases, a Hasner Law attorney can seek the full extent of the benefits you deserve. 

Injuries in factory settings can vary widely, ranging from head and traumatic brain injuries to respiratory issues and musculoskeletal injuries due to repetitive tasks or heavy lifting. Each type of injury might have different implications regarding liability and compensation. A flooring manufacturing factory accident lawyer can provide invaluable guidance. We can help determine liability, navigate through workers’ compensation claims, or seek a personal injury lawsuit on your behalf.

5 Liable Parties in a Flooring Manufacturing Factory Accident

In flooring manufacturing factory accident claims, several parties may potentially be liable in a third-party liability claim, depending on the circumstances of the incident:

  1. Equipment Manufacturers: If an accident is caused by defective or malfunctioning machinery, the manufacturer of that equipment can be held liable. This could be due to issues in design, manufacturing defects, or failure to adequately warn or instruct workers regarding the safe use of the equipment.
  2. Maintenance Companies: If a third-party company maintains equipment, and an accident occurs due to their failure to upkeep or repair machinery properly, this company could be held liable.
  3. Subcontractors and Contractors: In cases where subcontractors or contractors working on-site contributed to the unsafe conditions leading to an accident, they could also bear some responsibility.
  4. Factory Owners or Management Companies: If the accident is related to the conditions of the premises (like poor building maintenance, unsafe structure, etc.), the factory owner, manager, supervisor, or management company could be held responsible.
  5. Co-workers: In rare cases, if a co-worker’s negligence directly causes an accident, they might also be held liable, although this is less common due to protections offered by workers’ compensation laws.

The details of each case significantly affect who is liable. Often, multiple parties share responsibility for a single incident. A Hasner Law factory accident lawyer can help identify all potentially liable parties and explore the legal avenues available for seeking compensation.

Seeking a Workers’ Compensation Claim for a Flooring Manufacturing Factory Accident 

In Georgia, workers’ compensation laws are designed to provide rapid financial assistance to workers who suffer injuries on the job. This system also serves to shield employers from being sued for such injuries. When an employer has workers’ compensation insurance, workers give up the right to file a lawsuit against them for damages related to their injuries. Instead, they are required to seek recourse through the workers’ compensation system.

However, this general rule does not apply in a few specific situations. For example, if an employer has not obtained the necessary workers’ comp insurance or unjustifiably denies an employee’s claim, an employee might have grounds for a legal case. Additionally, in cases where the employer is not mandated to have workers’ compensation insurance, other legal avenues may be open to the injured worker.

Speak With the Factory Accident Attorneys at Hasner Law 

If you suffered injuries in a flooring manufacturing factory accident, navigating the complexities of such claims can be challenging and often requires the focused knowledge of experienced attorneys at Hasner Law. We have handled numerous complex factory accident claims and can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case. We will help determine liability, navigate workers’ compensation laws, and potentially represent you in a third-party claim if necessary. 

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