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May 10, 2024

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Helping Injured Victims after Bus Accidents in Savannah, Georgia

Millions of people climb aboard buses across the United States each day, and buses can be seen all over town in Savannah. Whether you take a bus as your primary means of transportation around town, to and from school, or to travel destinations, this is an economical and generally safe form of transportation. That being said, bus accidents do occur, and passengers can sustain serious injuries.

If you sustained injuries on a bus, you may have the right to financial recovery. However, bus accident claims are almost always complicated, as many parties may be involved and the damages can be substantial. Insurance companies for bus companies rarely offer injured accident victims what they deserve and litigation may be necessary. For these reasons, you should carefully seek help from Savannah personal injury lawyers that knows how to bring a successful bus accident claim.

At Hasner Law, our attorneys handle all types of motor vehicle accident cases involving cars, trucks, motorcycles, and—you guessed it—buses. We know the issues that often arise in bus accident claims and are ready to take on bus companies and other parties on your behalf. Please call our Savannah office today to learn more about how we may be able to help you.

Types of Bus Accidents


When you think of a bus accident, you may simply think of a bus crashing into another vehicle. While this is a common scenario, there are other ways that passengers can suffer injuries on buses. The following are some bus accidents that may occur:

Collisions with vehicles – Buses take up a lot of space on the roads and one wrong move can cause them to depart from their lane, make a turn that is too wide, lose control, or otherwise crash into a nearby vehicle. Often, such an accident is due to a negligent act on the part of the bus driver or the driver of the other vehicle.

Collisions with objects – Another vehicle does not have to involved in a bus crash. Sometimes, a bus driver may crash into an inanimate object, such as an underpass, a building, a tree, or a light post. This type of impact can often be more jarring than a collision with another car.

Rollover crashes – In some situations, a bus may roll over onto its side without any type of collision at all. Buses have high centers of gravity, so rollovers can be more common than with smaller cars. There are different causes of rollover accidents. A bus may get “tripped” if it hits a curb, a deep pothole, or another road hazard, which can cause one set of wheels to leave the ground. Rollovers may also result from a driver turning too fast or making other careless driving maneuvers.

Accidents aboard the bus – Not all injuries to passengers happen because a bus crashed. Instead, numerous incidents may take place aboard the bus that cause injuries. Passengers may fall getting on or off the bus due to dangerous stairs or handrails, they may slip and fall in aisles because of slippery or hazardous conditions, or they may even be assaulted by another bus passenger. Items may fall from overhead compartments on charter buses. There are many ways for onboard injuries to occur.

Bus accidents happen when you least expect it, but know that our attorneys are ready to protect your rights as a bus accident victim. Contact our office at any time to tell us about your injuries.

Risks of Serious Injuries

People are lining up at the bus stop and getting on the bus.

Bus passengers generally do not wear seatbelts. Even if buses are equipped with seat belts, passengers tend not to use them, especially if they are only on the bus for a short period of time or if they plan on moving around on a longer trip. This fact, combined with the number of passengers that often share bus rides, only contributes to the risk of particularly serious injuries in bus accidents.

Consider this—a bus suddenly rolls over onto its side without time for the passengers to brace themselves. The passengers on the side of the bus that hits the ground will likely fall against the windows. The passengers on the other side of the bus can then fall on top of those against the windows. This can cause serious traumatic injuries to all involved and can be a terrifying situation. When a bus collides with something, the impact can also throw bus passengers around, causing them to hit their heads and sustain other types of injuries. Some common bus accident injuries include:

All of these can result in extensive medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Bus Accident Claims

Injured bus passengers can often file a legal claim and obtain compensation for their various losses. The first step of this process is to contact a law firm that handles bus accident cases. Our attorneys will evaluate what caused your accident and determine which parties may be held liable. Such parties can include:

  • The bus driver
  • The private company that employed the driver
  • The company that owns the bus
  • The bus manufacturer
  • A third-party driver
  • Another bus passenger
  • A government entity if it was a public bus

Claims can vary depending on who was liable and the severity of the injuries involved. Our firm has the resources to handle even the most complex claims to help you seek the maximum amount of compensation available in your situation.

Consult With a Savannah Bus Accident Attorney for Free Today

When you board a bus, you likely would never imagine that you would become a bus accident victim. However, too many people find themselves in this exact situation and they need legal assistance and advice. The bus accident lawyers at Hasner Law represent injured crash victims and can inform you of your rights and options. Call 912-234-2334 or contact us online today to learn more about our legal services.

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