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While children are known to get into trouble and sustain minor scrapes and bruises throughout their day, when an adult’s careless actions lead them to suffer severe injuries, parents and legal guardians have the right to pursue legal action against the individual or party. Our Hasner Law Savannah child injury lawyers have years of combined experience fighting for the rights of those injured by the negligent actions of others. We are dedicated to our community and have built a reputation of responsive and fierce legal representation among our peers and past clients. 

Handling a child injury claim alone is challenging and places heavy burdens on your shoulders; our Hasner Law lawyers will relieve that weight and provide honest guidance throughout the medical and legal process. We are passionate and knowledgeable Savannah child injury attorneys prepared to do whatever it takes to recover the compensation and justice you deserve. 

Who Is Liable for Child Injuries in Savannah, Georgia

The responsibility for a child’s safety is rarely on the child themselves and instead rests on the supervising adult. When a child suffers injuries while in the care of another adult, the responsible individual watching over the child may be held accountable for the medical and emotional losses the child and parent incur. For example, if a daycare worker leaves your child without supervision and your child suffers a severe head injury, you may be able to hold the daycare accountable due to their lack of supervision. 

Children may sustain scrapes and minor bruises throughout the day due to their own actions. However, supervising adults have a duty to protect and take the necessary precautions to prevent dangerous acts. If their actions, or lack thereof, result in a child injury, we recommend parents speak with a professional attorney as soon as possible. 

Proving Liability: How Child Injuries Occur

Although children are often susceptible to accidents, not all of these incidents stem from their own actions. To proceed with a child injury claim, you and your attorney must ascertain the underlying cause of the accident. Once the cause is established, it becomes clearer who bears the responsibility. The subsequent factors commonly contribute to child injuries:

Poor Supervision

One of the most common reasons child injuries occur is poor supervision, as adults cannot prevent an accident if they are not watching the child. Children are easily distracted by their favorite toys, their environment, and other objects.


When adults become unaware of their surroundings, they may fail to recognize the presence of children. For example, if a person is texting and driving in a school zone, they may not see a child crossing the street and cause an accident. 

Improper Training

Individuals working near children must be trained to care for them appropriately. Caretakers and teachers often need certifications and education to work with children. If an adult does not have enough training and causes an accident, they and the organization responsible for their training may be held accountable. 

Disregarding Laws

Releasing an untrained dog, drinking alcohol around children, and not stopping at a crosswalk are all examples of unlawful actions which may result in severe injuries to a child. The adult can be held accountable for compensation and face consequences for their actions.

The Hasner Law team will meticulously investigate your child’s accident, identify the responsible party, and determine their negligence. Our Savannah, GA child injury lawyers will use this information and other vital elements to calculate the potential compensation you are eligible to recover in a child claim. We understand how important recovering justice and compensation are to assist you and your child with recovering from a challenging situation. 

How Can a Severe Injury Affect Your Child’s Life?

When a child sustains an injury, it can disrupt their engagement in beloved hobbies and activities, potentially forcing them to miss out on school or spend extended periods in the hospital. When contemplating an injury claim, it’s crucial to consider these aspects of your child’s life. These injuries bring physical pain and rob the child of formative and significant moments. 

Children who experience significant injuries due to the negligence of others might encounter difficulties in concentration, experience challenges in communication, and even require prolonged medical care. Regardless of the stage in their life, an injury can impede their ability to partake in enjoyable activities alongside their peers and might even hinder their academic progress. With the assistance of a seasoned Savannah, GA child injury attorney, you can pursue financial compensation on behalf of your child.

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The best way to protect and support your child after a severe injury accident is by securing compensation for their physical and emotional losses. Medical expenses, mental distress, and loss of ability are a few examples of the damages a severe injury can inflict on your child. Our Hasner Law team will fight fiercely for your child’s rights and retain the justice and compensation necessary for them to have a smooth recovery process.

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