A tragic multi-vehicle collision claimed the lives of two drivers on Sunday night in DeKalb County. The incident occurred at the intersection of Covington Highway and South Indian Creek Trail around 10:45 p.m. Emergency services responded to distress calls and upon arrival, they discovered a chaotic scene where several vehicles had been involved in a significant accident.

Authorities announced that both drivers were transported to a local hospital, where they were later pronounced dead. Their identities have not been made public as the investigation is ongoing, and next of kin notifications are pending. In addition to the fatalities, another individual involved in the crash was taken to the hospital with injuries determined to be non-life-threatening.

The area around the intersection was closed for some hours as law enforcement and accident reconstruction teams worked to clear the scene and gather evidence to determine the cause of the accident. As of now, the specifics of what led to the collision have not been disclosed, and it remains uncertain whether there were any passengers in the cars at the time of the crash.

The DeKalb County Police are urging anyone with information on the incident to come forward to assist with the investigation. They are piecing together witness statements and available surveillance footage to comprehend the series of events that led to the unfortunate outcome.

As the community grapples with this loss, this accident serves as a grim reminder of the importance of road safety and vigilance while behind the wheel.

Source: Yahoo! Voices