Car accident in Savannah

In a move to combat gun thefts from vehicles, the Savannah City Council has voted to implement an ordinance requiring gun owners to secure their firearms in locked vehicles or face significant penalties. Failure to comply with the new measure could result in a fine of up to $1,000 or up to 30 days of incarceration.

The need for the ordinance comes in the wake of statistics provided by the Savannah Police Department indicating that out of 69 firearms stolen from vehicles in the city so far in 2024, 56 were taken from vehicles that were not locked, accounting for 81 percent of thefts. This percentage mirrors the figures reported in the previous year.

District 3 Alderwoman Lind Wilder-Bryan voiced her support, stating the importance of accountability in gun ownership. She emphasized the community’s role in reducing crime and noted her background in law enforcement and personal stance on responsible gun ownership.

The newly passed ordinance mandates that firearms must not be visible in unattended vehicles, and the presence of a firearm compels the locking of the vehicle.

Last year’s statistics showed a total of 244 firearms stolen from vehicles throughout Savannah, with a staggering 83 percent of those thefts occurring from unlocked vehicles, according to a report by SPD.

Source: Fox28 Savannah