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Stephen R. Hasner
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May 10, 2024
Atlanta Gym Equipment Lawyer

Were you injured using gym equipment in Atlanta, GA? Gym injuries can happen when you least expect them. Like other business establishments, gym owners or managers are responsible for keeping their premises safe for customers. And manufacturers have a duty to make equipment that is safe.

If you were hurt using fitness center equipment, you could be entitled to seek compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. The Atlanta product liability attorneys at Hasner Law, PC, will step into action right away to start fighting for your rights. We’ve recovered millions of dollars in life-changing financial awards for victims injured in product liability accidents. Contact us today at 678-888-4878 for a free case evaluation.

How Can Hasner Law, PC Help After a Gym Equipment Accident in Atlanta?

How Can Hasner Law, PC Help After a Gym Equipment Accident in Atlanta?

Gym injuries can be costly and require a long rehabilitation time. You could be facing high medical expenses and be forced to miss weeks or months of work. If someone else is responsible for your injuries, they need to be held accountable. Hasner Law, PC has the knowledge and experience to help you every step of the way.

Our award-winning Atlanta product liability lawyers are standing by to:

  • Use our over 80+ years of combined legal experience to handle every aspect of your case from beginning to end
  • Determine the cause of your accident and identify all potentially liable parties
  • Collect evidence to support your case
  • Analyze your medical records and calculate your damages to include the maximum possible based on the extent of your injuries
  • Negotiate with insurance companies for a fair settlement
  • Send a top-rated trial lawyer to represent you in court, if necessary

Insurance companies will be quick to blame you for your gym accident injury. We’ll fight against those accusations and ensure you understand all your legal options throughout the case. If it’s necessary to take the case to trial, we’ll make sure you understand what to expect. Initial consultations are always free, so call our Atlanta, Georgia, law office now to learn more about how we can help.

How Does Gym Equipment Cause Injuries?

Over 500,000 people are injured every year by exercise equipment, according to the Consumer Protection Safety Commission. You could get injured on gym equipment for a number of reasons. Sometimes, people may push themselves too far. But many gym equipment injuries are caused by product defects or negligent maintenance.

Gym equipment that can cause injuries includes:

  • Treadmills
  • Pelotons and other stationary bicycles
  • Rowing machines
  • Free weights
  • Elliptical machines
  • Pulley machines
  • Medicine balls
  • Stability balls
  • Resistance bands
  • And more

Fitness equipment injuries can be caused by:

  • Defective products
  • Insufficient training of gym staff or trainers
  • Negligent security
  • Machines tipping over
  • Failure to repair broken equipment
  • Failure to monitor and tighten loose equipment 
  • Negligent assembly of equipment
  • Failure to post warnings or inform customers of risks

And gym injuries aren’t limited to equipment – CrossFit and HIIT exercise programs can cause injuries as well. When trainers aren’t qualified or fail to screen or warn participants of risks, they could be held liable for injuries.

What Injuries Does Gym Equipment Cause?

Gym equipment injuries can cause serious harm or even death. Some common injuries due to gym equipment include:

  • Muscle and tendon injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Burns
  • Eye injuries
  • Concussions and other brain injuries
  • Abrasions
  • Back and neck injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Amputations
  • Knee and other joint injuries
  • Drownings

If you’re injured while using gym equipment, make sure you seek medical attention immediately. Putting off seeing a doctor could compromise your claim.

Who Is Liable for My Gym Equipment Injury?

These days, many people have gym equipment in their homes. If you were hurt using gym equipment, who’s responsible will depend on the facts of your case. If you were injured by faulty workout equipment–whether at home or at the gym–you might have a valid product liability case. If you were at a health club, hotel, or resort, there may be a number of parties responsible.

Potentially liable parties could include:

  • Gym owner
  • Gym manager
  • Another customer
  • Property owner
  • Contractor 
  • Fitness equipment manufacturer
  • Security company

If you suffer an injury while using exercise equipment, try to document as much information as possible. Report your injury to the gym manager as soon as possible. If you can, snap a photo of the equipment or machine, get the names of any staff members or trainers present at the time, and jot down any details you think could be helpful while the incident is fresh in your mind. Consider keeping a journal of your injuries and how your day-to-day activities are affected.

Schedule a Free Consultation With Our Atlanta Product Liability Attorneys

Were you injured at the gym from faulty or poorly maintained gym equipment? If your fitness center failed to keep the property safe for customers, or if you were harmed by a defective product, you could be entitled to significant compensation. 

Contact the Atlanta gym equipment lawyers today for your free case evaluation. We fight for justice for accident victims, and we always seek the maximum financial award possible. Time is limited to file a claim, so call now.

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