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April 8, 2022

You may follow all safety tips for avoiding car accidents and maintaining your vehicle in good working order. You might drive the speed limit and avoid risky driving behaviors

Unfortunately, you cannot control what other drivers do when they get behind the wheel of their vehicles. In addition, you cannot control road conditions, weather conditions, or a car manufacturer that uses defective parts. Therefore, an automobile accident can happen to anyone at any time, including celebrities.

There have been many tragic celebrity car accidents over the last few decades. Some celebrities walked away from their car crashes with minor aches and pains. Others were seriously injured or killed due to their accidents.

Here are our choices for the top 10 celebrity car accidents, in no particular order:

1.  Tiger Woods

One of the most recent celebrity car wrecks involved Tiger Woods. He was involved in a single-vehicle car crash on February 23, 2021, around 7:12 a.m. The crash occurred in Rolling Hills Estates near Los Angeles.

Woods sustained serious leg injuries. According to reports, he was speeding when his vehicle crossed into the wrong lane and struck a tree. Woods required surgery and extensive therapy and rehabilitation.

2.  Grace Kelly

In 1982, an automobile accident killed Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco. She was just 52 years old when she died. Princess Grace did not enjoy driving, so it remains a mystery why she was driving instead of a chauffeur. 

Today, there still are rumors and theories why the vehicle went through a retaining wall in a sharp 150-degree turn and fell 120 feet down the slope.

3.  Paul Walker

The death of Paul Walker in 2014 shocked the nation. He was killed in a single-car accident. Walker’s friend, Roger Rodas, was speeding (about 90 mph) when he lost control of the vehicle, crashed into two utility poles, and then hit a tree.

The collision resulted in the car catching on fire. Walker died from thermal and traumatic injuries. Porsche accused the actor of comparative fault, blaming the accident on Walker.

4.  Gloria Estefan

Gloria Estefan was involved in a tragic truck accident when a semi-truck struck her tour bus in 1990. She sustained a broken back that required titanium rods. As a result, she had to have extensive physical therapy, and it took her many months to learn how to walk again.

5.  Tracy Morgan

Tracy Morgan was also the victim of a commercial truck accident on the New Jersey Turnpike. His limo was struck by a Walmart truck in 2014 when the truck driver fell asleep at the wheel. 

Morgan sustained numerous injuries that required extensive medical treatment and a lengthy recovery, including traumatic brain injury. Unfortunately, his friend died in the accident.

6.  Niki Taylor

Niki Taylor sustained a collapsed lung and liver damage when she was involved in a serious car accident in Georgia on April 28, 2001. The person driving the vehicle was distracted by his cell phone and lost control of the car and struck a utility pole. 

Taylor was in a coma for over a month and nearly died from her injuries. She had numerous surgeries and went through a lengthy recovery period.

7.  Vince Neil

Vince Neil was allegedly drunk when he crashed his vehicle driving to a liquor store. He lost control of the vehicle and slammed into an oncoming vehicle.

The DUI accident claimed the life of his passenger and friend, Nicolas Dingley. The couple in the other vehicle were seriously injured. Neil suffered minor injuries in the DUI accident. 

8.  Princess Diana

The death of Princess Diana on August 31, 2017, caught the attention of the entire world. She died in a car crash in Paris, along with her partner Dodi Fayed and their driver, Henri Paul. There have been numerous theories about the cause of the accident, including the driver being intoxicated and paparazzi chasing the vehicle. 

9.  James Dean

James Dean was an avid auto racer. Dean died in a car crash on September 30, 1955, while driving his Porsche 550 Spyder to a race in Salinas, CA. 

He had received a speeding ticket earlier that day. Some sources claim that the car was traveling as fast as 85 mph when he was involved in an intersection accident with a Ford Tudor sedan.

The near-miss caused the Porsche to careen into a gully. Dean never regained consciousness after the crash. 

10.  Jayne Mansfield

Jayne Mansfield died in a car crash on June 29, 1967. Jane and her family were traveling from Biloxi, MS, to New Orleans, LA, when their driver slammed into the back of a tractor-trailer

The adults in the front seat were killed instantly, but three of Mansfield’s children in the back seat survived. 

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