Distracted Driving Accidents Atlanta

Stephen R. Hasner
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May 10, 2024
Distracted Driving Accidents in Atlanta

A driver who is distracted is capable of causing a car accident in an instant. It can occur the moment it takes to gaze down and spill a cup of coffee. 

Were you injured in a car crash in Atlanta, Georgia due to a distracted driver? If so, our Atlanta distracted driving accident lawyers can help you pursue compensation for your suffering.

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We do not collect any fees unless we win your case, and we’re committed to doing everything we can to ensure that you receive the funds you need and the relief you deserve.

How Can Our Atlanta Car Accident Lawyers Help You After a Collision Caused By Distracted Driving? 

How Can Our Atlanta Car Accident Lawyers Help You After a Collision Caused By Distracted Driving?

Hiring an Atlanta car accident attorney after a distracted driving collision will be your best way to maximize the compensation you receive. 

Our legal team has over 80 years of combined experience helping personal injury victims get back on their feet after debilitating accidents. 

If you hire our Atlanta distracted driving accident attorneys, you can expect us to: 

  • Investigate your distracted driving accident and who all may share liability 
  • Gather evidence proving the elements of negligence 
  • Value the full extent of your car accident injuries, including non-economic and future damages 
  • Negotiate with insurance companies and others on your behalf 
  • Litigate your distracted driving accident case in court if we cannot secure a favorable settlement for you 

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What Are the Different Types of Distracted Driving?

Texting or talking on the phone while driving are common types of distraction, but there are numerous others that can cause an accident at any time.

A distracted driving accident could occur when a driver is focused on something other than the road, such as eating or drinking. It could also be a driver whose attention has shifted from the road to a child or other passenger.

The precise form of distraction typically falls into one or more of the following categories: visual, manual, and cognitive.

Visual Distractions

Visual distractions pull a driver’s attention away from driving. A motorist who is distracted by scenery or other elements near the road can overlook what’s happening on the road.

Despite the fact that it may appear harmless, it is dangerous to take your eyes off the road due to the vast distance a vehicle may cover in a short amount of time. A vehicle traveling at 55 mph can travel the length of a football field (360 ft) in 5 seconds. 

Physical Distractions

A physical distraction is characterized by a driver removing their hands from the steering wheel.

If something gets in the way of the car, the driver may be too distracted to notice it, or may not be able to safely steer the vehicle to avoid the person or object.

Cognitive Distractions

Cognitively distracted drivers have their hands on the wheel, but their minds are elsewhere. This typically occurs on extended stretches of road or during long drives—especially when the driver is familiar with the route. 

When drivers are distracted in this manner, they are not aware of the surrounding vehicles and pedestrians. No matter the type of cognitive distraction, they are all risky.

What Compensation Is Available for Georgia Accident Victims Due to Distracted Driving Crashes?

Accidents caused by an inattentive driver can result in severe injuries that take a long time to heal. Associated with this are financial and emotional costs that might be expensive and persistent.

Victims of distracted driving accidents in Atlanta may be eligible to receive compensation for the following:

Insurance companies are always eager to reach a settlement. In fact, they are in such a rush to settle that they may push you to do so before you fully comprehend the degree of your injuries. Once you accept the settlement, you won’t be able to collect additional damages for your injuries, including those that do not manifest for some time.

When you have an attorney by your side, insurance companies treat you much differently. With Hasner Law, PC, insurance companies will know exactly what they’re up against and are more likely to take your claim seriously.

How Long Do You Have To File a Distracted Driving Accident Lawsuit in Georgia? 

Don’t wait to get started. Georgia only allows two years for personal injury victims to bring a lawsuit for damages. After that time, you’ll be barred from recovery.

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Car crashes resulting from distracted driving are particularly disheartening because they could have been avoided. When drivers pay more attention to texting, passengers, grooming, or some other activity than to the road, they endanger everyone on the road.

Let Hasner Law, PC assist you in receiving the compensation you deserve for your injuries caused by distracted driving. We’ve seen countless clients go through what you’re going through right now, which is why we stop at nothing to go after those responsible for your suffering. 

You should be able to focus on your recovery in peace. Let our distracted driving accident lawyers in Atlanta, GA take care of the legal issues. 

Your first consultation is absolutely free, and we operate on a contingency fee basis, meaning you will not be required to pay attorney’s fees until we secure a financial award on your behalf.

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