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May 10, 2024
Atlanta Multi-Vehicle Car Crash Lawyer

Pile-ups or multiple-vehicle accidents are some of the most deadly types of accidents on Atlanta roadways. Multi-vehicle accidents that involve three or more vehicles often result in very serious and life-changing injuries, sometimes with multiple victims. These accidents are complex in terms of the number of vehicles and proving liability; it’s important to seek experienced legal counsel from an Atlanta multi-vehicle car crash lawyer to help you navigate the legal landscape. 

Hasner Law PC represents accident victims in multi-vehicle crash cases. Our auto accident attorneys in Atlanta have 80 years of combined experience helping accident victims seek compensation for their injuries and holding responsible parties accountable for their actions. Contact our law office to schedule a free consultation to find out how we might be able to help you, too.

How Our Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help If You’ve Been in a  Multi-Vehicle Collision

How Our Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help If You’ve Been in a  Multi-Vehicle Collision

Have you suffered serious injuries in a multi-vehicle accident or lost a loved one? Remember that the insurance companies are not on your side. They employ teams of attorneys and claims adjusters who work to limit payouts. 

The experienced legal team at Hasner Law PC in Atlanta, GA has decades of experience representing victims in complicated accident claims including pile-up accidents. We have built a reputation for our results and compassionate representation. We are here to help you seek the full compensation you deserve. 

Your initial consultation with an experienced Atlanta multi-vehicle car crash lawyer at Hasner Law PC is always free. We work on a contingency fee basis so you never have out-of-pocket expenses and no fees at all if we don’t recover for you. Call us today to schedule your consultation and learn more about how we will help you. 

What Causes Multi-Vehicle Accidents in Atlanta?

What Causes Multi-Vehicle Accidents in Atlanta?

Many pile-up accidents happen when one driver hits another which sets off a chain reaction. Sometimes, drivers are following too closely and do not have enough time to react to the accident in front of them. In other cases, the initial crash may involve a semi-truck that jackknifes and affects vehicles in other lanes

While multi-vehicle accidents can occur on rural roads, they most frequently occur on highways with many vehicles traveling at high speeds side-by-side. 

Many factors can contribute to multi-vehicle accidents: 

Obstructed Line of Sight

Vehicles may crash and pile up due to a hazard or blocked line of sight.


Drivers who are speeding may not be able to stop in time to avoid a crash.

Distracted Driving

Distractions like texting and driving contribute to 9% of all fatal accidents in the U.S. After Georgia banned cell phone use while driving, traffic fatalities in the state fell 2.3%. 

Driving Under the Influence

Drunk driving alone is a factor in about 29% of all fatal accidents.

Following Too Closely

Chain reaction accidents often happen when drivers are following too closely behind other vehicles without enough distance to allow for reaction time.

Poor Weather

Rain and fog can make roadways slippery and dangerous and impair vision. One of the largest pile-up accidents in the U.S. occurred in Georgia in 2002 when fog left drivers on I-75 unable to see more than a car length ahead. The accident involved about 125 vehicles (including 20 tractor-trailers) with 39 injuries and four deaths. 

Common Multi-Vehicle Crash Injuries

Multi-vehicle or pile-up crashes in Atlanta are among the most deadly. These accidents often result in life-changing and catastrophic injuries with multiple parties injured.

The risk is so high, in part, because there is usually more than one impact which increases the likelihood and severity of injuries. Vehicles may be hit several times and from different directions. 

In some accidents, fires occur or frightened vehicle occupants try to exit their vehicles. Rescue workers may have difficulty finding and reaching injured people in a large crash. These factors can contribute to serious injuries or even fatalities. 

The most common injuries our attorneys see among multi-vehicle accident victims include: 

If you have suffered serious injuries in a multi-vehicle crash in Georgia, an experienced Atlanta multi-vehicle car crash lawyer at Hasner Law PC will help you explore your legal rights to pursue full compensation.

Who Is Liable in a Multi-Vehicle Accident?

Multi-vehicle accidents are frightening and overwhelming. Unfortunately, the aftermath can be just as confusing with anywhere from 3 to 10 or even more vehicles in a large crash scene. With so many parties involved, who is actually liable for your damages

At Hasner Law PC we will send crash scene investigators to the scene and work with a team of experts to gather evidence and build your car accident case. Thorough accident reconstruction is often necessary to determine which driver or drivers are ultimately responsible for the pile-up. There are many types of evidence that may be used to gather evidence and prove fault such as: 

  • Traffic camera footage
  • Dash cams
  • Witness statements
  • Skid marks and vehicle damage
  • Police reports
  • Traffic citations
  • Vehicle onboard technology

To determine who is at fault for a chain-reaction car accident, the rule of thumb is the driver who caused the initial accident is usually at fault. Sometimes, however, multiple parties are at fault. 

Sometimes liability for a multi-vehicle accident falls on one driver. For example, the lead vehicle may have had brake lights that did not work which caused another driver to rear-end them. In this case, the lead vehicle is at fault. A vehicle in the middle of a pile-up accident may be at fault if they were following too closely. 

In another example, driver 1 and 2 may be stopped at an intersection. Driver 3 rear-ends driver 1 and pushes their vehicle into driver 2’s car. In this case, driver 2 is liable for damages in the accident. 

Sometimes two or more parties are at fault. Driver 1 may have rear-ended driver 2 because they were following too closely. Driver 3 then rear-ends driver 1 because they were distracted and did not stop in time. In this scenario, driver 1 and driver 3 are both liable. 

As the number of liable parties increases, it complicates how compensation is awarded. This is why Georgia’s comparative negligence law is crucial to understand as it affects the amount of compensation you can receive for your damages. 

Comparative/Contributory Negligence in Georgia

Georgia uses a doctrine called modified comparative negligence to determine how compensation is awarded in an accident. Under this rule, you can only claim compensation in a traffic accident if you were 49% or less at fault. Drivers are liable for damages equal to their share of fault in the accident. 

It’s important to understand that if you are 50% or more at fault, you cannot recover any damages under this system. 

In a multi-vehicle accident, liability will be attributed to each driver involved based on their relative fault for contributing to the accident. 

Damages in a Multi-Vehicle Accident in Georgia

While financial compensation can’t erase the physical and emotional pain you have suffered or reverse potential long-term or permanent injuries you have sustained, it can go a long way toward protecting your financial future.

Accident victims in Georgia are eligible to recover compensation for many types of damages that are divided into two categories: economic and non-economic.

These damages can include compensation for: 

Georgia does not cap the non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering, that you can recover. In most cases, the non-economic damages are worth more than the actual economic damages you suffered. At Hasner Law PC we will help you understand what damages you may be eligible to recover after your accident. 

If a loved one was killed in a multi-vehicle car crash in Atlanta, you may be entitled to compensation through a wrongful death claim. Damages in a wrongful death claim are similar to those in a personal injury claim and include wages and benefits your loved one would have earned, loss of companionship, and many intangible benefits your loved one provided. 

Hasner Law PC Handles All Types of Car Collision Claims in Atlanta

Our experienced lawyers handle all types of auto accident claims in Atlanta, including:

Schedule Free Consultation with Our Experienced Atlanta Auto Accident Lawyers

Multi-vehicle collisions are notoriously complicated. There are usually many insurance companies involved and liability can be very difficult to establish without expert accident reconstruction. Without the help of an experienced Atlanta personal injury attorney, it can be difficult to prove your case or even know where to seek compensation. 

With a multi-vehicle car crash lawyer in Atlanta working by your side, you can get the skilled legal representation you need as well as help proving your damages and establishing liability. 

At Hasner Law PC, our founding attorney, Stephen Hasner, has over 23 years of experience representing personal injury victims. The attorneys at our firm have a combined 80 years of experience that will be put to work protecting your legal rights and seeking full compensation for the injuries you have sustained.

We’re here to help you fight for compensation after a crash involving multiple cars. Give our law firm a call to arrange your free initial case evaluation to get started.

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