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April 7, 2022

In a tragic traffic accident on August 24, 2020, a young girl died in Atlanta, GA after being ejected from a car. The accident happened on one of Atlanta’s busiest interstates, Interstate-85 north near 17th Street. 

According to the Georgia State Patrol, a Ford Ranger overturned in one of the lanes on Interstate-85. A trooper arriving at the accident scene found a young girl unresponsive outside of the vehicle. The trooper tried to help the child while waiting for emergency responders to arrive.

The young girl was rushed to Grady Memorial Hospital for treatment. However, she did not survive her injuries. The other individuals in the vehicle were also taken to the hospital for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries. 

The Ford Ranger was the only vehicle involved in the accident. The report did not include any explanation of the cause of the traffic accident. Law enforcement officials were still investigating the accident at the time of the report.

Intestate Accidents Can Be Extremely Dangerous for Car Accident Victims

Accidents on interstates can result in life-threatening injuries and catastrophic injuries. There are several reasons why interstate accidents can be more dangerous. One reason is the speed at which the vehicles are traveling at the time of the crash.

Speed limits on interstates can reach 70 miles per hour. However, many people exceed the speed limits. A vehicle could be traveling at 80 miles per hour or higher at the time of an accident.

According to research, the operating speed of a vehicle directly affects the crash severity. Higher vehicle speeds are associated with more severe accidents. As the speed of the vehicle increases, the chance that the driver and others involved in the accident may sustain serious injuries also increases.

Another reason interstate accidents tend to be more severe is the number of vehicles involved in the accident. Traffic congestion can lead to multi-vehicle accidents. A chain reaction occurs when one vehicle slams into another vehicle.

Multi-vehicle accidents can result in severe injuries because the occupants of the vehicle could be crushed between two or more vehicles. A vehicle may also be hit by multiple vehicles, which can increase the risk that the occupants may sustain life-threatening or multiple injuries.

The vehicles that routinely use the interstate for travel can also be a factor in crash severity. Commercial trucks commonly use interstates for travel. With a higher number of large trucks on the interstate, the chance of being involved in a commercial truck accident increases with interstate travel.

Large truck accidents cause catastrophic injuries for passengers in other vehicles. Over 70 percent of the fatalities and injuries in truck accidents are occupants of other vehicles. 

Why Do Interstate Accidents Happen?

There are several reasons why an interstate accident might occur. Some common reasons include:

Driving the speed limit, obeying traffic laws, and remaining alert can reduce the risk of a car accident while driving on an interstate. Leaving sufficient distance between vehicles can also reduce the risk of an accident by giving drivers additional time to react to changing driving conditions. 

Common Injuries Caused by Interstate Accidents

An accident victim in an interstate accident can sustain a variety of injuries. Some of the common injuries in intestate accidents include, but are not limited to:

A victim may require surgery and lengthy hospital stays to recover from an interstate accident. The victim may be unable to work for months as they heal from their injuries. Therefore, an accident victim also sustains financial damages, in addition to the pain and suffering damages caused by a traffic accident. 

Who is Responsible for an Interstate Accident?

Because there could be several vehicles involved in the crash, it could be challenging to sort out liability for an interstate accident. Several drivers may share liability for the cause of an interstate accident. 

A car accident lawyer investigates to determine how the accident occurred. By reconstructing how the accident occurred, the attorney can identify the parties responsible for your injuries.

Identifying the correct parties is essential. You can only recover compensation for your injuries from the parties who caused the accident. Also, identifying all parties who might share liability for the accident can increase the chance that you receive maximum compensation for your injuries. 

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