Atlanta Lane Splitting Accident Lawyer

Stephen R. Hasner
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May 10, 2024
Atlanta Lane Splitting Accident Lawyer

Have you been involved in a lane splitting accident in Atlanta, GA? Motorcycles are popular vehicles for many Atlanta motorists. They can reduce transportation costs and still allow the freedom of riding a motorcycle. However, some riders are tempted to split lanes because of the heavy traffic in Atlanta. Unfortunately, lane splitting can cause serious traffic accidents. 

The Atlanta lane splitting accident lawyer of Hasner Law PC represents victims of accidents caused by lane splitting. Our elite personal injury lawyers have represented accident victims for over eight decades. We understand how to get you the compensation you deserve after your accident.

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How Hasner Law PC Can Help if You’ve Been Injured in a Lane Splitting Accident in Atlanta

How Our Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help if You've Been Injured in a Lane Splitting Accident

Lane splitting accidents can cause traumatic injuries. When a motorcyclist splits lanes and causes an accident, everyone involved will point fingers. Insurance companies will likely try to pin the blame on you to reduce their liability. You need an attorney to help you defend against allegations that you caused the crash.

At Hasner Law PC our personal injury lawyers in Atlanta, Georgia, understand motorcycle accident claims. We have over 80 years of experience dealing with insurance companies, so we know how they operate. Our legal team stands up for accident victim’s rights and fights for fair compensation for their injuries.

When you hire our legal team, you can expect us to:

We are passionate about what we do, and it shows in our results. We are committed to providing exceptional legal representation for each client.

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How Common Are Motorcycle Accidents?

How Common Are Motorcycle Accidents?

Motorcycle accidents are very common across the country. According to the NHTSA, there were 4,985 motorcyclists killed in 2018. Roughly 82,000 riders were injured that year. In Georgia, 170 motorcyclists were killed in 2019, an increase of 16 from the previous year.

Overview of Lane Splitting 

Lane splitting is illegal in Georgia

California is the only state in the United States that does not expressly prohibit lane splitting. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) determines safety guidelines for lane splitting. There is a push to legalize lane splitting in other states.

Lane splitting involves a motorcyclist driving between two lanes of traffic in the same direction traffic is moving. In other words, the rider maneuvers the motorcycle along the line that “splits” the two lanes. Motorcyclists use the practice to get out of traffic jams behind other motor vehicles.

Lane filtering is the practice of weaving in and out of slow-moving or stopped traffic. Utah recently legalized lane filtering with numerous restrictions. Restrictions include a maximum road speed limit of 45 mph or less, and the motorcycle speed cannot exceed 15 miles per hour when filtering. 

Lane sharing, which is legal in Georgia, is when two motorcycles ride side-by-side in the same lane.

What Are Common Causes of Lane Splitting Accidents?

Lane splitting can be dangerous. Another vehicle may change lanes without seeing the motorcycle. Lane splitting puts the motorcycle in the other vehicle’s blind spot.

Excessive speed during lane splitting can also increase the risk of a traffic accident. If the motorcycle hits a pothole or other road debris, the rider could lose control of the motorcycle. Lane splitting dramatically reduces the space the motorcycle has to maneuver.

Common Types of Injuries Caused by Lane Splitting Accidents

Even in slow-moving traffic, a motorcyclist can sustain severe injuries in a crash. The occupants of the passenger vehicles and larger vehicles are not as likely to sustain injuries because they are protected by the frame of the vehicle, seat belts, and airbags. They may however sustain serious damage to their vehicle.

Motorcycle lane splitting can be dangerous. 

Common injuries in motorcycle accidents include:

The injuries from a motorcycle accident can cause permanent impairments and disabilities. Riders may never be able to work or ride a motorcycle again.

Who is Liable for a Lane Splitting Accident in Georgia?

Where lane splitting for two wheeled vehicles is legal, lane splitting motorcyclists have a duty of care to execute the maneuver safely. If the motorcyclist causes an accident because of lane splitting, the motorcyclist is responsible for damages caused by the accident. 

If motorcycle lane splitting is illegal, the motorcyclist may not recover compensation for damages, even if another driver is at-fault for the accident. A jury could find that the rider was negligent in contributing to the cause of the accident. If so, the rider’s compensation for damages could be reduced or denied under comparative negligence laws.

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Fault and liability for lane splitting accidents are complicated. It is best to seek advice from an experienced lawyer as soon as possible.

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