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May 10, 2024

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Truck accidents are devastating incidents which can cause injuries and significant financial burdens for victims. In such challenging times, it is imperative to understand your legal rights and options. With the help of a highly qualified Marietta truck accident attorney by your side, you may recover compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and other losses related to your accident. 

Our Marietta truck accident lawyers at Hasner Law are prepared to fight for you. Truck accidents are complex claims due to the numerous parties involved, including the trucking company and its legal teams. With over 100 years of combined experience and tailored legal guidance, we handle all aspects of your accident claim so you can concentrate on healing and recovery. 

How the Truck Accident Lawyers at Hasner Law Can Help Your Claim

Truck accidents can result in catastrophic injuries due to the monumental size and weight of commercial vehicles. From semi-trucks to delivery trucks, the consequences can be life-altering. Victims may suffer brain injuries, spinal cord damage, fractures, or even death. If you are involved in a truck collision, you may require expensive medical care and a lengthy rehabilitation process. Your ability to return to work may be impacted. 

At Hasner Law, we understand the complex nature of truck accident claims and fight to recover the compensation you need to support your recovery. We handle the following aspects of your claim: 

Investigating the Truck Accident and Gathering Evidence

We will conduct a comprehensive investigation and gather evidence, review accident reports, interview witnesses, and analyze any available surveillance footage or data from the truck’s black box. 

Identifying Negligent Parties

Truck accidents involve multiple parties that may be liable for your injuries. We will identify the responsible parties, such as trucking companies, truck drivers, manufacturers, maintenance providers, or even government entities responsible for road maintenance. 

Dealing With Insurance Companies

Insurance companies often employ tactics to minimize payouts or deny claims altogether. Working with truck accident lawyers ensures your rights are protected. We understand the tactics used and negotiate fiercely to pursue compensation for present and future medical expenses, lost wages, and other losses.  

Maximizing Compensation

Truck accident victims may be entitled to various types of compensation. Our Marietta truck accident lawyers assess the full extent of the damages suffered and fight tirelessly to ensure you recover the compensation you deserve. 

Litigation and Trial Representation

While many truck accidents are settled outside the courtroom, some may require litigation. We are always prepared to take your case to trial if necessary. 

Recovering from a truck collision can be long and arduous for victims. Working with highly qualified truck accident lawyers empowers victims with the legal guidance and support needed to navigate the complex legal process. You are able to focus on your recovery while we fight to secure the compensation and accountability you deserve. 

Evidence Required in a Truck Accident Claim

When pursuing a truck accident claim, gathering and presenting the right evidence is essential to establish liability and maximize your chances of a successful outcome. The following are some key types of evidence that may be important to your truck accident claim: 

  • Images or videos of the accident scene, including vehicle damage, skid marks, road conditions, and traffic patterns
  • Obtaining a police report filed at the scene 
  • Statements from eyewitnesses who observed the accident
  • Truck company safety records, driver logs, maintenance and inspection records
  • Black box information, which can provide speed, braking, and engine data 
  • GPS data that may indicate the truck’s route, speed, and behavior 
  • Accident reconstruction expert testimony 
  • Medical expert testimony 
  • Medical records and bills, including doctor’s notes, diagnoses, and treatment plans
  • Records of lost wages or income, including pay stubs, tax returns, or employer statements 

The experienced Marietta truck accident lawyers at Hasner Law can help assess what specific evidence is required to help build a strong truck accident case. 

Recoverable Damages in a Truck Accident Claim

In a successful truck accident claim, victims may recover numerous types of economic and non-economic damages depending on the circumstances of the accident. 

The following are common types of damages that you can pursue with the help of a Marietta truck accident attorney: 

  • Medical expenses 
  • Lost wages 

At Hasner Law, we can accurately evaluate your damages to ensure you pursue the maximum compensation available to you under the law. 

Contact the Top-Rated Truck Accident Lawyers at Hasner Law

Truck accidents can potentially cause profound and lasting hardships for victims and their families. However, by pursuing a truck accident claim with the help of top-rated lawyers at Hasner Law, victims can seek justice and obtain the compensation they deserve for damages. 

Contact one of our compassionate Marietta truck accident lawyers today by calling (678) 928-8784 or filling out a contact form.

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